Payments & Monetization

If you need to monetize your projects directly with your own payment methods as well as indirectly.

Payment Integration

Our suite of payment processing options and integrations allow you to use your preferred software applications, including QuickBooks® or Sage® to streamline internal business practices and information across your organisation.

Now you can automate your business operations and enjoy integrated payment processing with your Electronic Payments merchant account.

In addition, we have integration systems for different platforms, CMS and open source systems.


In live interactive broadcasts in any industry we have one element in common: that viewers interact with broadcasters, and there are three great proven systems that work, but there are many others, including live trading, sponsorships and donations.

Live Commerce: Live commerce is the evolution of Internet shopping in which viewers can see models or influencers as they display products, which are explained and detailed, and can interact with those who present them. The experience combines online shopping with viewers. It is very popular in the APAC area and in North America.

Sponsorships: When a broadcast has many media views, large individual sponsorships can be achieved even if they are managed globally. Large broadcast sponsors often include energy drinks, computer peripherals such as keyboards, and even food delivery services. Most deals are products that are broadcast and used in real time during transmission.

Donations: For those individuals, small businesses or nonprofit organizations, this type of philanthropic route gained growth in 2020, replacing the telethons that have been held for many years on television, being able to react in real time to what happens in the live.

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