VTS Holding groups companies of monetization, development, contents or streaming.

A management team with a global vision around Internet projects

At VTS Holding we manage projects and companies in the areas of monetization and payments, development and eCommerce, content and marketing or streaming and hosting.

If you have a global project that requires a lot of resources, we can centralize the efforts between companies and avoid unnecessary duplication.

We also look for companies with which we can share know-how, especially in the creation of communities and monetization.

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Our teams are divided into 4 fundamental pillars of Internet projects.

Payments & Monetization

If you need to monetize your projects directly with your own payment methods as well as indirectly.

Development & eCommerce

Developments based on standard content management systems or custom developments that may or may not include e-commerce.

Contents & Marketing

Generation and distribution of content in social networks, blogs and any type of platform, as well as making it known through advertising.

Streaming & Hosting

We host your streaming broadcasts, especially from open or closed communities, accompanied by a global distribution.

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VTS Holding

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  • Payments & Monetization
  • Development & eCommerce
  • Contents & Marketing
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